New Changes in Construction Capabilities

Construction works getting completed without human intervention! Sounds fascinating? Although it may be too futuristic, aided with modern constructional capabilities this can soon become a reality. A lot of research has been done to create a safe, productive and a more effective construction environment.

New processes have been started; new materials introduced and new technologies have been applied. Construction project management software has boosted productivity levels steadily.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a simple concept. This is tailored todeliver informative experience that providesauser with a combination of real digitally-generated images.

The DAQRI has come up with Smart Helmet that has a heads-up display (HUD). This offers the wearer hi-tech data visuals from various information like pipe pressure, thermal temperature, guides and other assistance.

3D Printing

All set to transform the architectural mindset, 3D printing, is widely upsetting the construction process. Innovative new structures can be done easily with it. This type of printing an entire home is not new, but the materials, methods and printing technology are able and accurate.

A robot developed by MIT researchers is said to come up with a building in only 14 hours. The main aim has been to build a well-built complex on the surface of Mars.

New Building Materials

Building materials that are available to construct a home are increasing. Now a good number of impressive new products have come up.Self-healing concrete to walls that act as air conditioners, new things are coming up in the market that is fast in changing the capabilities of concrete construction.

Robot Automation

Robots are now used in construction. An autonomous brick laying machine has also come up that provides an increased level of safety to constructional employees.

 Hadrian X is a truck that comes with a mechanical arm that looks like a crane. It can map an environment and lay bricks likewise. It can lay 1000 bricks per hour, in comparison to the manual labor who can lay only 300-500 bricks per day. 


Drones are now widely usedfor construction purposes. Drone can monitor survey and can be flown over a work site to monitor activity. The idea to implement drone in construction industry is to eventually cut down physical jobsite inspections altogether. With this project managers can simply check their worksites on any of their favorite device.  

Time will show how these new techniques will impact the construction industry. These new techniques will help the constructional professionals a level of safety and security which is still lacking in the industry. 

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