Stunning Hardwood Flooring Ideas for Home

Home decoration ideas can only be limited to your imagination and a well-designed house represents class and high standard of living. Earlier house designing meant basic painting of the wall with mounted portrait or busts, but in the recent years, the definition of home designing has changed drastically.

Painting the walls, adding or redecorating the furniture and redesigning your kitchen might be the basic aspects of home redesign, but it doesn’t end here. To get the perfect looking house you need to push the boundaries and go beyond the lines of home designing. One of the ways that you can get a perfect looking house is to change your house flooring.

Newly purchased flats or houses come with standard flooring options that are either ceramic tiles or granite flooring. If you were in the 90s, then these type of floorings would have been one of the best designing options, but now these options are too mainstream and can be seen in any house. To make your house look stylish as well as unique why not try hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is an impressive way to redecorate your house and give it a different type of vibe. It also makes the interior of the house look more elegant and rich, it also has other benefits like keeping the house warm or cold according to the climate, and it is very much durable. Here are some Hardwood ideas that you can try while designing your house:

  • Choose the right type of wood: Different types of wood have different colours that give a different appeal altogether. There are wooden floorings that bear dark colour can give an undertone and highlight the other features of your house, or you can use bright coloured wood that reflects the light and give an illuminated look to the house. You can use oak wood, pine wood, Douglas fir and Brazilian cherry to get a brighter looking floor. For undertones, you can opt for Ebonized hardwood, Eucalyptus wood, Maple wood and reclaimed wood.
  • Reclaimed pine: When mahogany, ebony and spruce look boring you can opt for pine. Pinewood is known for its smoothness and durability. Apart from that its appearance is a cream colour with a tinge of red or brown stain on it. When it comes to ‘Reclaimed Pine’, from looks, it automatically combines with history. As reclaimed pine is extracted from old historical buildings, it is also an eco-friendly way to design your house by using such material.
  • Using wider wooden planks: Wide plank flooring is ideal for large areas like a living room or dining room. As this type of flooring has wide planks, it consumes less wood and has fewer seams. You can use any type of wood for this flooring.

It is good to be different from others rather than being mainstream when it comes to house decoration. As wooden flooring might seem elegant it also comes at a hefty price, people who have pending Home Loans can take the help of a Top Up Loan to finance the house redesign. Sometimes the terms and conditions of the lender might seem a bit stringent, in such cases, you can take the help of a Home Loan balance transfer, and for flexible terms and conditions, you can shift your loan to an NBFC.

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