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We all are familiar with the fairy tale, ‘The Pied Piper’ and how abundance of mice in a region can be troublesome. Though it was a fictitious story yet the existence of mice in your home or office cannot be ignored. From destroying clothes to spreading diseases, mice are one of the most dangerous pests which must be treated to reduce its harmful effects. There are various pest control service companies in Kolkata offering generalised treatments. But, it is important for pest control service providers to offer specific treatments based on the category of pest and diseases caused.  

Facts About Mice Your Pest Control Service Provider In Kolkata Never Informs You!

  • On an average night mice make between 20 and 30 visits to different food sites taking as little as 0.15g of food from each location.
  • Mice have awe-inspiring climbing and jumping skills. Mice are not just fast climbers but jumps perfectly as well.
  • Mice have a set of incisor teeth that never stop growing. Their teeth grow at a rate of 0.3mm a day!

Pest Control Service

Interesting! Isn’t it? But, just imagine how fast these mice can cause trouble if left untreated in your home or office.  Also, during winter mice have a tendency to take shelter on cosy interiors including craters of your home and office. They are highly flexible in adjusting their body and passing through small holes. Much like what ‘jerry’ the mouse in our favourite cartoon series ‘Tom & Jerry’ could do.  Thus, for the pest control service company you choose, it is necessary to inspect each space to eradicate the possibility of the presence of a single mouse in any corner of the home or office.

Explore EcoScience Pest Management- Offering Efficient Pest Control Services In Kolkata

Almost all mice problems require the use of an Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) approach. For effective mice management, EcoScience Pest Management opts for both chemical and non-chemical treatments. A member of PCAI or Pest Control Association Of India, EcoScience ensures your pest problems are sorted from its roots. EcoScience Management offers effective pest control services in Kolkata at affordable rates. The team is trained, efficient and trustworthy.


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