Wood Carving – Know the Best Wood Types For the Purpose

Who doesn’t want to decorate their house to get guests attracted and shower them with compliments? We are always after new ideas that can add to the beauty of our home. Wood has been a traditional way of designing the interior and exterior of homes in Adelaide and is still the accepted form of interior designing. Though the ideas of creativity are modified, some still remain the same, such as wood carving in Adelaide. It is a great way to give your home a new and beautiful look. There are different kinds of wood used for carving. Let’s know more about them!

You will find a wide range of wood types and knowing their individual characteristics is a sign of being responsible as a home owner. Each type has peculiar texture and qualities showing their response to wood carving.

Wood carving is a traditional yet artistically beautiful. Read on to know the types of wood used for this craft.

Basswood – It is one of the most popular choices made when it comes to wood carving. It is white wood growing all across the America and Europe. It has been in demand of wood-working since centuries. You can find it easily and it is a great option to start trying your hand on carving for inexpensive and malleable feature.   

Aspen – It is another carve furniture in Adelaide which is white wood and leading material among wood carvers. Though stronger than basswood, it is still soft to be easily used for carving. It is a kind of wood easily available and highly affordable.     

Butternut – If you are a beginner in the field of carving, it is a suitable kind of wood to try your hands on. It is browner in colour in comparison to aspen and basswood with a nice grain. You can identify it as a walnut but lighter in colour and allows easy carving. Same as black walnut, butternut can be polished easily and considered suitable selection for furniture. The only thing to look for while carving onto butternut is wormholes.         

Black walnut – It is yet another popular type, chosen for wood carving in Adelaide and other areas. In terms of price, it is expensive than aspen, basswood and butternut. You need to have a mallet and sharp tools for the desired results. It is rich in colour and this with its grain has made it popular for comprehensive range of products covering gunstocks and furniture.       

Oak – This kind also has a wide range of features and is equally popular like others on the list. The wood is strong and sturdy in nature. The grain of oak is highly defined and is the favourite of many to use for furniture making.    

First you need to decide the type of carving you are interested in which influences the choice of wood. The choice of wood by a power carver and hand tool carver always differs. Using power, one can easily carve on hard wood whereas getting clarity and definition on the same wood could be difficult and frustrating for a hand tool carver.

Choose your type wisely.

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