5 Trends To Look For In A Furniture Store In Kolkata

Your home or office décor is a portrayal of your own personality. Your guests, both in your home and office form an image of your personality through a glance at the way you deck up your personal spaces. So the décor is an essential aspect of beautifying your home and the contribution of perfect furniture just amp up the glory. While decorating the home with furniture it is often noticed that people tend to buy unnecessary ones. Thus, selecting the perfect furniture store in Kolkata or a furniture dealer shop to dress up your home or office is crucial.

Here are 5 trends to watch out for while exploring the collection at a furniture store in Kolkata:

  • Matte Finish & Marble: According to the latest trends in furniture designs, people are opting for more and more matte finish works with a touch of marble rather than the glossy finish. There was a time when every single household man would look for furniture that are glossy but gone are the days. Today, the craze for matte finish furniture is unbelievable. Also, there’s an inclination towards shades of green in the décor and matte finish furniture perfectly complements it.

  • Sleek designs: Supersized or oversized furniture designs are no longer trending, rather there’s a demand for furniture that occupies minimum space while maximizing its utility. Cabinets in sleek designs made of wood with glass doors are trending. Broad cabinets have replaced tall cabinets to maximize space utilization by enhancing storage capacity.


  • Blend of Traditional and Modern: Going completely traditional or opting for absolute modern designs is outdated. Today, it’s all about fusion. A perfect blend of traditional and modern furniture design is what trending in the entire world. Classic wooden furniture combined with metal or glass ones looks absolutely stunning.  Embellishments such as crown moulding, decorative legs, valances, corbels are also being widely used in customized furniture design. Thus, look for a furniture store in Kolkata that features furniture which are not just traditional but modern too.


  • Earthy Tones: There’s an inclination towards earthy tones in furniture designs considering the shift of focus towards environmental causes on global platforms. Homemakers are more and more seeking earthy or natural finish in furniture texture or design to support the green movement. Also, usage of wood has been significantly removed with the introduction of other alternative materials.


  • Creative Seating: While oversized sofas are no longer in vogue, there’s a trend towards conceptual seating arrangement to enchant guests. Both for home and office décor there’s more focus on innovative or creative seating arrangement. Spaces are being utilized keep in mind its importance so that there’s no wastage of available space.

Thus, while you pay visits to the nearest furniture stores in Kolkata like Furnico or to furniture dealers’ shops within the city and around check whether they are able to keep up with the top 5 trends of the season or not. Let your home or office furniture portray your aesthetic sensibilities.

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