The Latest Tech Tools Made It Easier for Businesses to Stay Competitive – Here’s How

In this competitive digital space, everyone knows how tech tools have created a great impact on global businesses. But if there is one place that has benefited the most from tech tools is business world. With mobile apps, cloud computing, great collaboration tools, DIY accounting software, easy task management software, ubiquitous connectivity, entrepreneurs can now take their business towards new heights of success by creating successful campaigns quickly and from anywhere.

With so much flexibility out there, it can be little hard to know what tools and software systems are important for getting a brand off the ground and growing. There are some must-haves that entrepreneurs should consider while choosing the right type of tech for their business.

Place for Big Data Storage

In today’s challenging business world, startups and small businesses need far more storage to store their big data. Data like high-resolutions images, data-heavy PPs and infinite stream of documents will max out the capacity of your computer in no time. Thanks to the latest technology, as there are many cloud-based systems such as Google, Dropbox, Box, Apple, and more that offer a place of storage for free or an affordable monthly cost.

These cloud-based tools make it easier for business owners to collaborate with employees and clients as these tools allow you to easily access and share files and folders. Because of these cloud-based storage sites, many small businesses are now able to create a global workforce right from the start.

Team Collaboration Tools

No matter if you are managing a company, or managing a remote team located in different cities or countries, being able to collaborate and connect with workforce instantly is a must. There are many websites such as Slack, Basecamp, Trello, TaskQue and others that have transformed the way employees interact with each other.

Now forget emails, you can now send instant messages to your teammates quickly, you can work together and discuss complex projects in real-time, you can build dedicated channels for teams to promote social communication. Messages, files and folders are searchable, making it easier to access any important document and save time.

Organize Your Employees and Tasks

Having a great idea is simply can’t enough to build and run a company. All you need is teams of talent people and organize them in a way that truly let them shine. Behind every successful business, there is a flexible team that can efficiently turn a vision into a successful business. In fact, the output of any organization is dependent on the consistency of employees’ productivity level.

Thankfully, there are many easy task management software tools available out there such as TaskQue, Desk Time, HipChat, Asana, Time Doctor and more that can track employees’ activities and increase their overall efficiency. These task management systems allow business owners to manage teams and projects, keep everyone on the same track, track employees’ performance, track project progress and improve distribution of tasks without overwhelming employees.

Use Accounting Software to Perform Mundane Tasks

For running a successful business, you need to keep receipts, add up bills, doing taxes and other routine work. Technology has also created some effective solutions that deal with your accounting needs. There are many accounting software systems available such as Quicken, Xero, Wave Accounting, Zoho Books and more that offer a variety of features such as invoicing, payroll, bill payments and other important accounting apps that perfectly fit within the budget of your small business. You can choose the one that best fits your accounting needs.

Video Conferencing Calls

Though instant messaging and emails are the convenient options to collaborate. In majority of cases, you still want face-to-face interaction with clients or remote workforce to discuss complex projects. This is why having a good video conferencing program is simply the best choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs today to interact with clients and stakeholders.

For this, you want a software program that allows you to arrange meetings with multiple participants, share files with people on a call and you can record conferences for future references. Skype, Google Hangouts,, GoToMeeting are some popular video conferencing websites that allow you to save your travel cost and promote great collaboration.

Create Your Online Store

In the past, creating an online store that is solely consumer-focused was a daunting task. Now, there are many websites such as Shopify and Tictail that allow you to create your own ecommerce website with all the advanced options and user-friendly features.

Small businesses can make the most out of these websites and can create online stores with ease. You can implement a number of payment methods, such as credit card, PayPal, so that every prospective customer can purchase products from your website. Creating an ecommerce store is very easy as it only takes a few hours to get a store up and start your own company.

Closing Thoughts

There are plenty of other useful tech tools available out there, but storage, communication, task management, finance, conferencing and ecommerce solutions make it possible for businesses to flourish and succeed. In addition, these are the best tools for startups and small business owners. You can invest in these tech tools and stay ahead of the fierce competition in no time.



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